Partner of the place (English)

Do you live abroad and know your place like the back of your hand? Can you recommend off-the-beaten-path places that only locals know about? Or maybe a restaurant where they serve sensational food? Become a partner of the place (Partner miejsca in Polish).
Partner miejsca Travelbay

Who is a Partner of the place?

Imagine that you live in Copenhagen. One day your friend from Poland calls with a question:
-I'm going to Copenhagen. Recommend me good places to eat and less-obvious attractions that I won't find on the first page of Google. Please recommend me something.
You are a partner of the place. A person who lives in one of the places described by Travelbay (in this case Copenhagen) and knows the location like no one else. You can recommend the best restaurants, recommend places that you can't find in guidebooks in vain. It's as if she were recommending them to her friend.

What do you gain as a Partner of the place?

  • Each site partner receives space on our site where they can advertise themselves and their business. For life.
  • Link "follow" to your blog, business or social media
  • Mention on our social media
  • 200 Travelbay tokens (we are working on this)
  • A personal thank you from other Travelbay users, either by text or tip as long as the recommendations are really a hit (we're working on it)

I want to become a Partner of the place. What should I do?

1. Find a place that does not have a Partner of the place yet

Visit Travelbay and find a place that you know very well and does not have a Partner of a place yet

2. Write to us

Let us know that you are interested in cooperation ([email protected]). We will then book the given place for you. If you have been contacted by someone from our team, simply reply to that person's email. In the email, write in great detail what kind of place you want to describe, how long you live in that place, what you do there.

3. Make a quality check of existing content

Let's say you have chosen Amsterdam. Please read the content we have written. It may happen that some of the information is no longer up-to-date, or misleading. Tell us about it. Try to find outdated or untrue information. No one else like you knows the place so well.

4. Write your recommendations

The most interesting part. Write your recommendations. Remember, we are looking for the kind of recommendations you would share with a friend if he visited you. He doesn't know your city, what would you recommend to him? Where is worth going? Where is it worth eating? What's a waste of time to do? You can save your recommendations in any text format, it can be in Word.

5. Send us over your recommendations

Send us your recommendations by email. In addition, add in the body of the email some information about yourself (two sentences) and attach a photo (preferably square).

6. Wait for a publication

Your materials will appear on the site within a few days, in the "Place Partner Recommends" section. Your box with a brief description of you and a photo will be available for life with us on the site.

7. Let's do it!

We anticipate only one partner for each place. So if you live in a popular place among Poles, we advise you to hurry :)

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